Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

The operation of this website and its users are subject to following Terms and Conditions:


This website is official property/website of SASTATICKETS INDIA. All contents and pages in this website belong to Any SASTATICKETS INDIA.. Every Symbol, Trademark, Logo used in this website legally belongs to SASTATICKETS INDIA.. Inappropriate use of any content of this website will be punishable under the law of Indian Government (Constitution of India). Creating any link to this website is strictly prohibited, However if any link needs to be created it must be done with formal written acceptance from authoritative of SASTATICKETS INDIA..


The information in the folio of this website are for all-encompassing users and provides elemental information only. The details can be swapped depending upon time and with subject to company manoeuvrings and guidelines without any former notice or public announcement. It is your own responsibility to check and find information according to your need. Upon request of customers we may provide links to other sites to increase your knowledge but we donot take full responsibilty of things published in other site. This is system based site so we donot provide any warranty incase of any error, improper performance or materialistic inaccuracies.


Any Time Booking is very specific and strictly follows all the points listed below: Any content that clashes with terms and conditions of our company or is unlawful, obscene, abuse to any can be removed without informing anybody. Posting of pornographic material or any threat to SASTATICKETS INDIA. will be treated as serious issue and will be approached by law. The use of your credit/debit/master/visa card is totally safe and secure with us.

When a customer books any service with us – he/she is subject to follow and obey all our terms and conditions. It simply means he/she accepts    and gives consent all our Terms and Conditions.

1. If you hire a cab – a duty slip is always mandatory and it is right of customer to ask driver to  produce duty slip which also bounds client to sign it before using and also after the end of service. This secures our relation with you for the service you have used.

2.If its Hotel booking then client needs to carry a print of email via soft copy or any other proof in electronic form is acceptable.

3. Though you pickup point is any – the distance is always calculated from our garage to garage.

4. For transfers pickup/drop – incase client is late without informing driver then a general waiting period of 15mins is acceptable, further to which client will be charged by Rs.100 per hour.

5. Local Car Rental actually means local only. Any wish to move out of decided city will be charged extra.

6. If cab fails to reach on time because of some problem, we take the responsibility to send another vehicle so that client doesnot have to waste  his time.

7. Driver and Vehicle details can be changed any time before pickup. However we promise the sent vehicle will be in good condition.